Our Story

Klynt is an independent watchmaking brand established in Geneva that combines a modern vision of design with the traditional Swiss way of manufacturing fine watches, for an astonishing result.

The passion to create

In times where standards become the norm, two friends in Geneva were discussing watchmaking, and the difficulties to find pieces which stand out from their design, with solid specifications and a great value.

This challenge would soon become a common goal. After a ton of research and identifying the best partners in Switzerland, the project Elegance Contemporaine was born. From there, our passion to create overtook the obstacles on the road, from designing a world-class timepiece to rallying watch lovers to kickstart production. 

This mindset stays at the heart of everything we do, and it would finally become our motto, as we firmly believe that following your passion will open doors to a whole new world. 

A New Experience of Swiss Quality

While perpetuating the fundamentals of the Swiss Watchmaking tradition with its quality of manufacturing, KLYNT is all about creativity. We strive to bring fresh ideas on the table and give consumers a new experience of the Watch industry: interaction with the creators, involvement in the development process, and an innovative distribution with few intermediaries to maximize the value to customers. 

What is next ? 

The next collection is in preparation, join our mailing list to get the latest updates.
Commercial development has started to get partnerships with local boutiques and enable our customers to try our watches. 
Should you be interested in partnering with us, leave us a message in the Contact Section.
If you happen to be around Geneva, give us a call for a coffee break:

KLYNT Genève 
Rue Schaub 13,